True ID Security is now in the process of licensing biometric metric fused physiological sensor technology. These technologies allow continuous identification and health condition of any client on a 24/7 basis.
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Our solutions are not application- or system-intrusive, meaning our products can seamlessly integrate into any existing platform.

Our products protect user privacy and eliminate the need for a government or corporate-based database system.

Our technology is a licenseable design that can be integrated into OEM systems and products.

Our management team has extensive experience in technology development, sales, marketing, finance and customer service. Senior executives have industry specific expertise in fraud control, transaction processing, and POS payment systems.  Our company is run by a Finance Major well-experienced in the biometric and financial services sectors. He is a proven entrepreneur and is joined by a team of seasoned veterans from virtually every discipline in the technology and financial services sectors.





The market opportunity for our technology is tremendous and subject to a high growth trend. The biometric identification market is projected to exceed $4.04 billion within two years for several reasons. Credit and identity fraud cost banks and government over $47 billion last year alone. In addition, new legislation in the health care industry and rising security concerns attributed to terrorism will expand the need for biometric devices in the Healthcare and Transportation sectors. True ID offers several alive multiple biometric solutions designed to compliment our TrueSense Process and facilitate biometric accuracy and security in any environment.

“ALIVE BIOMETRIC SIGNATURE LOCK-OUT SYSTEMS” and the “MULTIPLE DATA STORAGE SERVER CHARATER FRAGMENTATION VAULTS” hold the key to the greatest security and privacy systems of our times. The “ALIVE BIOMETRIC SIGNATURE” combines a physiological sensor with the biometric reading device which then creates the “ALIVE BIOMETRIC SIGNATURE LOCK-OUT SYSTEM” and “ALIVE BIOMETRIC ACCESS SYSTEM”. This will prevent anyone from losing an eye or finger or possibly a hand. These systems allow a person that is “ALIVE” and “AUTHENTICATED” with a “NORMAL PHYSIOLOGICAL STATUS” to access the device. The defragmented encryption algorithm created for the” Alive Biometric Signature System” is designed to completely eliminate all Cyber-attacks and internet security breaches at all levels once completely deployed.

True ID, LLC is a biometric security company providing solutions to remedy Identity Theft and Credit Fraud. True ID, LLC. differentiates itself by using our (patented and patent pending) TrueSense Process. This approach processes and expresses the details of someone's variety of alive multiple biometrics as a unique algorithm, rather than matching just one biometric against a stored image on a database. This process will increase the security protection performance significantly, reduce operating costs, and maximize system-wide efficiency. Our process will allow for a seamless integration of multiple Alive Biometric Signatures Systems will greatly enhance the levels of security. The True ID systems will enable virtual transactions in every industry where identification of an operator of any communication device is required.